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Hobby Clubs as a part of M.E.S.A which constantly encouraging the students to bring out their inherit talents and exhibit. Registration for the participants and organizers are made through a registration form available in the website. The students are required to complete within a stipulated time frame at the beginning of the academic year. The proactive involvement of the student organizers plays a vital role in bringing registration to a peak. Organizers from each group, as per the registration are selected through auditions in the presence of the faculty coordinators of that particular group to elevate the best talent from the students. Each group is assigned with a day to discuss the mottos and vision of the upcoming events. The organizing groups guided to take up innovative event, which the participants could then participate in.

SAE Club

This club offers members to organize programs, activities, fellowship and leadership experience to have an exposure on valuable resources in mobility technology, guest lectures, seminars, symposiums etc., regarding autonomous vehicles, E-Vehicles, Engine Technology and Aerospace application.


The Club enables collaboration; knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods. 


The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), To promote the goals of the Society for the benefit of the general public. Towards this objective, the Chapters of the Society participate in, and organize, activities to protect the Environment, improve Indoor Air Quality, help Energy Conservation, provide continuing education to the Members and others in the HVAC & related user Industries and offer certification programs, career guidance to students in the department.

Formula Vehicle club

KLEF-ME are developing student formulae vehicle every year, which could compete in several events under Electrical, Hybrid, Autonomous and Solar vehicles categories hosted by SAE, ISIE, ASME and FAB head automation limited. Automobile aspirants from different disciplines can also participate incorporating the idea of latest technologies.

E vehicle club

The main activities related to development of Electrical powered vehicles with innovative features established to improve the efficiencies, provided with interactive features, atomization and improving the charging capacities of the electrical category vehicles.

Go Kart Club

As one of the best variant of motor sports, go kart has several disciplines to develop the vehicle and run on the track.

Off Road Vehicle Club

As one of the best variant of motor sports, Different types of off-road ATV’s are designed where all the teams must have high knowledge and exposure on designing, suspension, innovative technology and finally fabricating an off-road vehicle. The dynamic behavior of the vehicle is studies based on the case studies and technical specifications.

Innovation Club

The essence of Innovation Center is to Motivate, inspire and nurture young students/Engineers by exposing them to new ideas/societal problems and processes resulting in innovative and economic solutions. In K L E F, Mechanical Innovation Center, the experts will incubate the student ideas to startup companies.

For Regsitration:

Adventure club

This club is the forum for adventure enthusiats, trekkers, distance cyclcling, long bike drives and climbers in the student community.

Cultural Club

Cultural Club of MESA aims to encourage student's intrest, participation, and responsibility for recreational activities in the student community.

Photography Club

The mission of photography club is to provide a supportive platform for creative photography skills in the student. This club will hold regular meetings, discussions and organize events based on different themes.

Health and Wellness

Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness"- this club will encourage the members to keep active and stay fit. Activities will include anything from low intensity workouts like walking or yoga to high intensity workouts like weigthlifitng or marathon. The members of the club will always open to suggestions for idea on food diets and regular exercises.

Literature club

Literature club will ensure the students to offer a competing platform for knowledge-hunger students. this club is to develop ths passion for quizzing, debating, creative writing. literature, elocution. etc.,. amoung the student members.

For Regsitration:

  1. Make A Difference (MAD)
  2. Journalism Club
  3. Literary Club
  4. Handicraft
  5. Clay modeling
  6. Safety Club
  7. Creative writing
  8. Gardening Club
  9. Environmental Club
  10. Swachh Bharat Club
  11. Meditation Club
  12. Case Study Development Club
  13. Visual Gaming Club
  14. Animation Club.


Team Achievements

1. Kriento Racing
Kreinto Racing is the university’s ingress into formula student society . Every year the team participates in the Formula Bharat event which is one of the renowned events for formula students. The team has been participating in Formula Bharat from 2016 in the category of combustion team.

  • Best Innovation Award COC
  • 14th Place overall India in Formula Car Design
  • 28th in pre-qualifier round


2. Team Vanquishers

  • 1st Place in Champion of Champion
  • 2nd place in Hybrid Vehicle Challenge


3. Team Gavisti
Team Gavisti is a one of the Student Formed Automobile body from KL University. The team represents events like A.E.B.C (Asian e-bike Challenge) and E.B.R.C (Electric Bike Racing Challenge) for the Past 2 Years dating from 2017.

Our Team Function is traditional we are gathered as a Automotive enthusiast from Mechanical and Electrical, Electronics background interested in developing and fabricating a 2-Wheeler for the race purpose sourced by electric power and as a team we had Put this into Practice for the past 2 years with a success and continuous Podiums every time we take part in a event.

  • E-Bike Racing Challenge(E.B.R.C)
  • Design Event:2nd
  • Cost Analysis:2nd
  • Overall Champioship

  • Asian E-Bike Challenge(A.E.B.C)
  • Design Event:3rd
  • Cost Analysis:2nd
  • Overall 3rd



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