Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department, KL Deemed to be University, always help our students to fulfill their career aims and ambitions, and get well settled it their career through both Core as well as Software companies Placements as well as through becoming Entrepreneurs, and also pursue higher education in world's best Universities.

The main Highlights of B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering at KL Deemed to be University are:

  1. Our Syllabus and Curriculum, is fully designed and developed by experts from Industries like: Cyient Technologies, NISA, John Deer, Bombardier and experts from Practicing Engineers of Professional Bodies like ASME, Institution of Engineers-India, which makes our curriculum, syllabus and the examination patterns being followed, totally industry focused, which enables our students get an edge over any other students at other colleges/ universities.
  2. We have 12 state of the art laboratories, with latest equipment, software and hardware, specifically designed as per current and future industry needs, to impart the much needed practical knowledge and hands on to our students, that enables them fare better in placement interviews over any other college/ university student owing to the gained practical knowledge through our labs.
  3. Our syllabus is perfectly designed in such a way that apart from courses of mechanical engineering domain, our students also compulsorily stuudy and practice courses / labs from CSE, ECE domains like C, C++, JAVA, Python - that enables our students be ready for all software jobs in companies like Google, Microsoft, TCS, CTS, Virtusa, Cummins, Infosys etc. Our students also study courses of Signal Analysis, Signal Processing, Robotics and Mechatronics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, which enables our students get ready for the emerging changes of industries and sustain in the job market despite of rapid slump owing to automation, because these courses equip our students knowledge and expertise to futuristic job opening areas like Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  4. We provide full fledge Design and Fabrication facility (Fab Lab, Central Fabrication Unit - PIT) that consist of all infrastructure, equipment, hardware and software necessary for students to design their own projects and build prototype models, this is main advantage using which our students are able to compete globally in competitions like: Asian E-Bike Challenge, Hybrid Vehicle Challenge, Go Karting, HPVC, Under Water Vehicle Challenge, Quad Bike, M-Baja, E-Baja, SUPRA etc organised by various Internationally recognised Professional Societies like: ASME, ISIE-India, SAE, MSME etc.
  5. We have a strong backbone of 131 faculty, of which 48 faculty are with Ph.D degree and remaining all are pursuing their Ph.D, all faculty are undertaking quality Research through involvement of B.Tech. and M.Tech. students in their projects which helps our students get knowledge and practical exposure to latest research trends in mechanical engineering, helps them be a part of Papers being Published in standard SCOPUS/ SCI Indexed journals.
  6. We have got very positive feed backs from Industries like FMC Technip, Hyundai Motors India Ltd, Tata Projects, L&T, Tech Mahindra, Satyam Ventures, Virtusa, Cummins, Cyient Technologies where our Alumni were placed through campus placements, and all these companies are well satisfied with knowledge and skills of our alumni which was provided to them, through our curriculum, practical knowledge in our labs and our faculty counseling.
  7. Wide spectrum of industries both from core, software -IT and ITES are coming forward every year and demanding for first slot for placements of our department students.
  8. We have Centers of Excellence established with an investment of Rs.5 Crores embedding both mechanical engineering latest equipment like: 3D Printers, Coordinate Measuring Machine, 6 Degree of Freedom Industrial Robotic Manipulators, FMS set up, Condition Monitoring and Vibrations testing facilities and relevant software , hardware tools, established through funding from Government of India- Department of Science and Technology Funds and KL Deemed University Management contribution and financial support.
  9. We offer Courses which are a perfect blend of both Core Mech Engg as well as Computer science courses like, C, C++, Java,Python, Data Structures, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Mechatronics.

We are proud to have companies visiting our campus for placements, like: Cyient Technologies, FMC Technip, Mahindra, Tata Projects, Hyundai, Transpac, Thermax, Thermadyne, Essar, L&T, Ashok Leyland, John Deer, Mercedes Benz... and also software giants Infosys, Microsoft, Google,Facebook, Wipro, TCS, CTS, Virtusa,Cummins, Tech Mahindra, Satyam Ventures etc- all our regular annual placement companies.

2017-18 average pay package is Rs.3.75 Lakhs per annum, Highest Pay Package is Rs.8 lakhs per annum. 99 Students got placed in more than one company, 58 of them got placed in companies that offer more than Rs.4.5. Lakhs per annum pay package. Total 233/ 233 students got placed, making our 100% placements track record consecutively for 15th year.

Joining Mechanical Engineering at KL is the best possible option for aspiring Engineers to fulfil their passion in Engineering, Design and get well settled in their chosen career.

Welcome to the aspirants for 2018-19 admissions students


Department of Mechanical Engineering, was established along with the institution in the academic year 1980-81, and has grown along with the institution, as on date the department has the following hall marks

  • 121 faculty of which 45 are faculty with Ph.D. and remaining all are pursuing their Ph.D.
  • 12 State of the Art Laboratories
  • 6 Industry established centers and Centers of Excellence
  • Industry connect curriculum, with greater emphasis on practical skills and hands on experience
  • 10 sets of skilling in coding tools, software packages and industry required modules, designed and delivered by industry directly
  • APSSDC established center in 3D experience
  • 650 publications in internationally reputed journals by faculty and students
  • 100% placements for all eligible and interested students in both software as well as core companies, since 2005 to till date
  • 18 Start-ups have been launched by students of which 8 have become full-fledged companies and remaining are in incubation state.
  • Annually over 45-50 students are securing n ational ranks in GATE
  • Annually over 120+ students obtain higher education in Germany/ UK/ Canada/ UK and Japan, through GRE/ TOEFL/ IELTS scores
  • Embedding research and innovation skills in students through their involvement in faculty research, leading to publications in reputed and defaulted journals
  • 25 Patents filed, 12 Patents Published and 5 Patents Granted by IPR- Govt. of India, by faculty and students of the department
  • Annual championships by students in SAE/ ISIE/ ASME events like Go Kart, HPVC, HVC, CoC, BAJA, SUPRA etc.
  • SAE, ISIE, ISHRAE Professional Society students and faculty clubs.
  • Technical and Non Technical Hobby clubs for students and faculty.
  • Central Fab Lab with cutting edge fabrication and product design facilities.

The Under-Graduation and Post-Graduation programs offered by the department have the curriculums designed and developed by industry experts such as Bombardier, Cyient Technologies, John Deer, National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) and entities from professional bodies like American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Institute of Engineers (IEI). The main frame area of mechanical engineering are “Product Design” and “Autotronics”, which have opened doors for students to shine in several domains of industries allied to Automobiles, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Production and Subsea technologies in renowned MNC’s like Ashok Leyland, Cyient Technologies, Essar, FMC Technip, Hyundai, John Deer, Larsen & Toubro, Mercedes Benz, Mahindra, Tata Projects, Thermax and Thermadyne and the list is not exhaustive.

Apart from courses of the Mechanical Engineering domain, the students of Mechanical Engineering Department, are provided an opportunity to learn courses and skills/ practice courses / labs in Computer Science and Electronics domains like JAVA, Python and R-Programming, that offers a level playing field to compete for job opportunities on par with CSE & ECE graduates in IT majors like Cognizant, Cummins, Google, Infosys Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Virtusa.

During course work, the students are offered an internship program in which they are given an opportunity to work in industries and thereby adding on industry experience for placements as well as entrepreneurship opportunities.

Students of Mechanical Engineering get to learn and gain hands-on in courses such as Robotics & Mechatronics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Signal Analysis & Processing. These additional courses equip students with the knowledge and expertise to fit into the evolving needs of the industries and to sustain in the job market despite automation.

The Department offers a full-fledged Design and Fabrication facility (Fab Lab, Central Fabrication Unit - PIT) that consists of infrastructure, equipment, hardware and softwares necessary for students to design their own projects and build prototype models which could show case their work in competitions like; Asian E-Bike Challenge, Hybrid Vehicle Challenge, Go Karting, HPVC, Under Water Vehicle Challenge, Quad Bike, M-Baja, E-Baja and SUPRA organized by various Internationally recognized Professional Societies.

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