Mechanical Engineering Student Association (M.E.S.A)


Mechanical Engineering Student Association (M.E.S.A) is a department level student society operated by students of the department. This is constituted to propagate certain professional hobbies and to promote professional development within the students. The association has an open membership to all the students in mechanical engineering department, the interested and skilled students join at the beginning of every academic year to be an active part of events/workshops/seminars/symposium. Since the association is non profitable society every money which is gathered from the member will be properly utilised for the improvement of the association. This association encourages to develop a platform to the students both in technical and non-technical areas.

    Objective of M.E.S.A:
  • The events conducted within the Department will be through these pre-structured groups for better performances and outcomes.
  • MESA portal will be regularly updated for ease of access of information and announcements with in the campus premises.
  • Every consecutive semester the students according to their interest will propose a new group based on their interest.
  • All the events are properly structured and planned in a stipulated time.
  • It would be helpful for the external competitions, which could bring name to KLU Mechanical Department and in turn to the university.

Faculty Support


Student Executive Committee

Technical and Non-Technical Leads

Student Core Coordinators


MESA Rule Book

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