Research Infrastructure

S.No Department Name of the Research Lab Type of LAB
1 Bio Technology Bioprocess Technology Center of Excellence
2. Bio Technology Plant Tissue Culture & Breeding Research LAB
3. Bio Technology Genomics & Proteomics Research LAB
4. Bio Technology Biomedical Research Research LAB
5. Bio Technology Bioinformatics Research LAB
6. Computer Science and Engineering Software Engineering Research LAB
7. Computer Science and Engineering Computer Networks & Security Research LAB
8. Computer Science and Engineering Data Mining Research LAB
9. Computer Science and Engineering IBM Technology Industry Collaborated LAB ( IBM center of excellency)
10. Computer Science and Engineering Micro Soft Industry Collaborated LAB
11. Computer Science and Engineering Oracle Industry Collaborated LAB
12. Computer Science and Engineering CISCO Industry Collaborated LAB
13. Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Research LAB
14. Civil Engineering Geotechnical & Transportation Engineering Research LAB
15. Civil Engineering Environment, Water Resource & GIS Research LAB
16. Electronics and Communication Engineering RF, Microwave and Antennas Center of Excellence
17. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Antennas & Liquid Crystals Research Lab

Research LAB
18. Electronics and Communication Engineering Aerospace Communication Research Lab Research LAB
19. Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI & MEMS Research Lab Research LAB
20. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Biomechanics & Vision Computing Research Lab

Research LAB
21. Electronics and Communication Engineering NI LAB Industry Collaborated LAB
22. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Systems Research LAB
23. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics & Drives Research LAB
24. Electronics and Computer Systems Embedded Systems Center of Excellence
25. Electronics and Computer Systems Image Processing Research LAB
26. Electronics and Computer Systems Web Technologies Research LAB
27. Mechanical Engineering Design Engineering Research LAB
28. Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering Research LAB
29. Mechanical Engineering Production, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Research LAB
30. Mechanical Engineering Robotics & Mechatronics Center of Excellence
31. Management SPSS Lab Research LAB
32. English Translation Studies Research LAB
33. Mathematics Fluid Dynamics Research LAB
34. Physics Center for emerging materials Research LAB
35. Chemistry Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research LAB
S.No Type of the Lab
1 Physics Lab
3 FM & HM Lab
8 Thermal Sciences Lab
10 Computer Aided Language Learning Lab
11 Control Systems
12 Electrical Machines
13 Electrical Measurements
14 Electrical Networks Lab
15 Power Electronics & Drives
16 Power Systems
17 Simulation Lab
18 Digital Signal Processing
19 Signals and Systems
20 Analog Circuit Analysis
21 Analog Communication
22 Analog VLSI
23 Design of Electronics systems
24 Digital Communication
26 Low Power VLSI Circuits
27 Microwave
28 Modern Digital Communication
29 MOS Circuits
30 Multirate Signal processing
31 Optical Communication
33 Wavelet Theory & Signal processing
34 Basics of Digital Systems
35 Data Structures
36 Computer Networks
37 Advanced Embedded Processor Lab
38 Disign of Electronic Systems
39 Embedded Systems
40 Microprocessors & Micro Controllers
41 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
42 Object Oriented programming Structure
43 Pulse and Integrated Circuits
44 Very Large Scale Integrated
45 Data Base Management Systems lab
46 Compiler Design Lab
47 Computer Graphics
48 Cryptography & Network SecurityLab
49 Distributed Systems Lab
50 Internet Programming lab
51 Object Oriented Programming Lab
52 Objected Oriented Analysis and Design lab
53 Operating Systems Lab
54 Software testing lab
56 Engineering Geology LAB
57 Environmental Engineering LAB
58 Geotechnical Engineering LAB
59 Structural Engineering LAB
60 Surveying Lab
61 Transportation Engineering LAB
62 Chemistry Lab
63 Animal Biotechnology
64 Biochemistry /Immunology
65 Bioinformatics
66 Bioprocess /DSP
67 Chemical Engineering
68 Genetic Engineering
69 Microbiology
70 Plant Biotechnology
71 Engineering Graphics with CAD
72 Engineering Mechanics
73 Measurements
74 Problem Solving through Programming
S. No Discipline Name of the Lab Research Group Associated
1. Computer Science and Engineering


Computer Networks and security
2. Computer Science and Engineering


Software Engineering
Knowledge Engineering
3. Computer Science and Engineering


Embedded Systems
Software Engineering
Knowledge Engineering
4. Computer Science and Engineering Oracle Knowledge Engineering
5. Electronics Communication Engineering NI Lab View Communications Systems
S. No Discipline Center of Excellence Group attached Excellence tracks/Specializations Emerging Areas



Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Testing Embedded systems

1.Testing Embedded systems

2.Testing distributed Embedded Systems

3.Intelligent systems

4.Remote monitoring & Controlling

5.Networking Embedded systems

6.Concurrent processing with in Embedded systems

7.Securing Embedded Systems

Testing & Embedded systems

Intelligent systems

Remote monitoring & Controlling

Networking Embedded systems

Concurrent processing within Embedded systems

Securing Embedded Systems




RF, Microwave and Antennas

Antennas and Propagation

1. Fabrication and signal Distribution Networks for larger arrays

2. RFIC Design and Digital RF Technologies

3. Optically Controlled Microwave Devices and Super Conducting Microwave Circuits

4. Power Line Communication and Green Communication

5. High Frequency Measurement and Connector

6. Fault Tolerance measurement

RF Circuits and Systems

Microwave devices

Satellite, Space and Wireless communication

Test Measurements and Instrumentation

  3   BT   Bioprocess Technology   Bioprocess Technology Biofuels and Bioenergy Metabolic manipulation of lipid pathways in single cells
Nutraceuticals Non destructive NIR role in food and Biomass systems
Biorefinery Processes Enzyme cocktail formulations for lignoceelulosic Biomass conversion
  Enzyme processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients/ Nutraceuticals/ phytochemicals/ value added bioproducts / Biofuels & Bioenergy



Robotics and Mechatronics

Robotics & Mechatronics

SWARM Robotics

1. Smart Systems

Spy Robots

Electro Mechanical Systems

Smart Sensors