Transfer of Admission from Other Institutions

1. Students from Indian/Abroad Institutions are eligible to take the admission in KLEF, Vijayawada or Hyderabad campuses under credit transfer scheme. Credits earned by the student can be directly transferred irrespective of the subjects studied.

2. If there is a prerequisite course, or compulsory course the same has to be completed as per the academic policy of the KLEF

3. The student must study for at least half of the duration of the minimum stipulated duration for the program at KLEF.

4. Change of Discipline may be permitted subjected to the completion of all essential courses to take the new discipline. For example, a Mechanical Engg., student can take ECE course once the essential courses are studied as bridge courses or any other acceptable mode. However, this is limited only if the transfer is in 2nd Year of B.Tech.

5. Student may be allowed to do some of the courses on MOOC platform with prior permission of Dean, Academics