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  • Semester 1 - 8 Jul 2019
  • Semester 2 - 29 Jan 2019
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5 years / 3 years full-time.

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Students Pursuing Masters


  • To be a centre of excellence in legal education and research
  • To be a catalyst in law reforms.


  • To impart and disseminate knowledge of law and legal processes;
  • To develop among students and scholars of law a sense of social responsibility to serve the community in the field of law.


  • To offer academic flexibility by means of Choice based credit systems and the like.
  • To identify and introduce new specializations and offer programs in emerging areas therein
  • To incorporate into the curriculum the Application orientation and use high standards of competence for academic delivery
  • To design and implement educational system adhering to outcome based International models.
  • To introduce and implement innovation in teaching and learning process to strengthen academic delivery
  • To offer academic programs at UG, PG, doctoral, Post-Doctoral which are industry focused, and incorporates Trans-discipline, inter-discipline aspects of the education system
  • To deliver higher education that includes technologies and meeting the global requirements
PEO1 A. Should be able to stimulate compassion and creativity in the field of legal profession
PEO2 B. Strengthen intellectual growth and the capacity to develop ingenious and conscientious legal solutions to unique and varying tribulations of society and business environment
PEO3 C. Acquire leadership capabilities necessary for the competent practice of law and lifelong learning in practice
PEO4 D. Pursue advanced education, research and development, and other innovative and pioneering efforts in the field of law
PO1 Ability to gain knowledge of law and the application of such knowledge in practice
PO2 Be proficient to use the fundamentals and vital principles in law
PO3 Identify and solve the social, economic and cultural issues in law
PO4 Ability to synthesis academic knowledge to legal problems and find solutions
PO5 Recognize the ethical and professional responsibilities and the norms of advocacy
PO6 Ability to research, review, comprehend and utilize such knowledge for Law reform
PO7 Converse effectively and work in inter-disciplinary groups and legal institutions
PO8 To guide the trainee legal practitioners in the right direction
PO9 Ability to understand the real-life situation in legal profession and practice
PO10 To make the student to learn aesthetically pleasing practice and make it socially relevant
PSO1 To equip skills required to deal with a fast-changing business environment and legal arena
PSO2 To acquaint with technological developments and to make suitable changes in the field of law and legal profession

The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) provides choice for students to select from the prescribed courses - Core, Elective & Foundation Courses.

  • Core Course to fulfill the credit requirement
  • Elective Course for generic content to increase students' skill
  • Foundation provides value-based learning for knowledge enhancement

This emphasises a learner-centric approach.

1 18UC1101 General English and Legal Language 3
2 18BL11C1 Principles of Management 4
3 18BL11C2 Business Environment 4
4 18BL11C3 Law of Contracts – I 4
5 18BL11C4 Introduction to Law and Legal system 4
6 18BL11C5  Introduction to I.T 4
7 18GN1101 Counselling-1 1
8 18GN1107 Curricular Activity- I 0
9 18UC2103L Legal Professional Communication Skills (English – II) 3
10 18BL12C1 Human Resource Management 4
11 18BL12C2 Principles of Economics and Managerial Economics 4
12 18BL12C3 Dynamics of Social Change 4
13 18BL12C4 Law of Contracts – II 4
14 18BL12C5 Law of Torts 4
15 18GN1202 Counselling-2 1
16 18GN1208 Curricular Activity-2 0
17 18BL21C0 Marketing Management 4
18 18BL21C1 Macro Economics 4
19 18BL21C2  Financial and Cost Accountancy 4
20 18BL21C3 Constitutional Law – I 4
21 18BL21C4 Law of Crimes – I 4
22 18BL21C5 Family Law – I 4
23 18GN2103 Counselling-3 1
24 18GN2109 Curricular Activity-3 0
25 18BL22C0                                                    Management accounting 4
25 18BL22C1 Management Information Systems 4
26 18BL22C2 Company Law 4
27 18BL22C3 Constitutional Law – II 4
28 18BL22C4  Jurisprudence 4
29 18BL22C5 Family Law – II 4
30 18BL22C6 Moot Court training-I 0
31 18GN2204 Counselling-4 1
32 18GN2210 Curricular Activity-4 0
33 18BL31C0 Organizational behavior 4
34 18BL31C1 Financial Management 4
35 18BL31C2 Code of Civil Procedure and Law of Limitation 4
36 18BL31C3 Law of Crimes – II ( Cr.P.C ) 4
37 18BL31C4 Law of Evidence 4
38 18BL31C5 Law of property 4
39 18GN3105 Counselling-5 1
40 18GN3111 Curricular Activity-5 0
41 18BL32C0 Quantitative methods 4
42 18BL32C1 Administrative Law 4
43 18BL32C2 Labour law – I     4
44 18BL32C3 Law of Banking and N.I.Act 4
45 18BL32C4 Law Elective-I (Women and Law) / Current Affairs and General Studies –I (Indian History) 4
46 18BL32C5 Moot Court Training – II 2
47 18GN3206 Counselling-6 1
48 18GN3207 Curricular Activity-6 0
49 18BL41C0 Intellectual Property Rights 4
50 18BL41C1 Law of Insurance 4
51 18BL41C2 Public international law 4
52 18BL41C3 Labour law – ii            4
53 18BL41C4 Law Elective-II (Juvenile Justice / Current Affairs and General Studies –II (Political Science and Public Administration) 4
54 18UC2204 Legal Aptitude Builder-I 2
55 18BL42C1 Corporate Law and Governance 4
56 18BL42C2 Law of Taxation 4
57 18BL42C3 Environmental Law 4
58 18BL42C4 Law Elective-III Media law & Right to Information / Current Affairs and General Studies –III (Geography and International Relations) 4
59 18BL42C5 Moot Court training-III 0
60 18UC3105 Legal Aptitude Builder-iI 2
61 18BL51C0 Alternate Dispute Resolution 4
62 18BL51C1 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance 4
63 18BL51C2 IT OFFENCES & Cyber Law 4
64 18BL51C3 All India Bar Exam 4
65 18BL51C4 Law Elective-IV/Current Affairs and General Studies -IV 4
66 15BL32C1 Interpretation of statutes 4
67 15BL32C4 Human rights law 4
69 15BL41C5 Seminar – I (Electives) 3
71 15BL42C3 Theories of Justice 4
72 15BL42C4 Media law & Right to Information Act 4
73 15BL51C2 Criminology, Penology and Victimology 4
74 15BL51C3 Seminar II ( Electives) 3
75 15BL51C4 Seminar III (Electives) 3
76 18BL52C0 Professional Ethics and Professional Accountancy system 4
77 18BL52C1 All India Bar Exam Training -II 4
78 18BL52C2 Higher Judiciary 3
79 18UC3206 Campus to Court  4


Industry certifications, MOOCs, Hackathons / Co-curricular Competitive events, Workshops, Guest lectures, Educational Trips, Live projects, Incubation projects, Community projects, projects with NGOs etc. are an integral part of curriculum.

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