Department of Chemistry

The Department started functioning from the very inception of K L E F (Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation) as a part of the FED (Freshman Engineering Department) branch. Both theory and laboratory teaching programs for engineering graduates have started from the very first day of K L E F. The Department has the distinction of starting the first Post Graduate, M. Phil and Ph. D. programs in science at K L E F. Two-year M. Sc chemistry degree program was started in 2016. A state-of-the-art PG and research laboratories was also established. There is a dearth of chemistry postgraduates. Many pharmaceutical companies are in need of postgraduates in chemistry to support their R&D and process Chemistry. The department is committed to excellence in chemistry by establishing research programs for meeting scientific and technological challenges faced by the science-centered world of the 21st century. Our aim is to produce highly sought after and knowledgeable graduates for pursuing careers with academia, industry and the government.

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