Placements Track
*For eligible & registered students
Start dates
  • Semester 1 - 8 Jul 2019
  • Semester 2 - 29 Jan 2019
Mode of delivery

Class Room


5 years full-time.


To be recognized as one of the globally renowned schools of architecture.


To impart higher quality education and make students well equipped to face the challenges of the present & future trends in the architectural field and enable them to be globally competitive and socially responsible architects with intrinsic values.

PEO1 A. Should be able to stimulate artistic sensitivity and creative powers.
PEO2 B. Strengthen intellectual growth and the capacity to develop creative and responsible solutions to unique and changing problems.
PEO3 C. Acquire leadership capabilities necessary for the competent practice of architecture and lifelong learning.
PEO4 D. Pursue advanced education, research and development, and other creative and innovative efforts in the field of Architecture.

The B.Arch program in KLEF is designed to meet the Program Outcomes as identified by Council of Architecture (COA). These constitute a superset of program outcomes identified by National Board of Accreditation.

PO1 Ability to gain knowledge of Humanities, Sciences and Architecture and the application of knowledge in practice.
PO2 Use the elements of Architecture and apply basic principles in Architectural Design.
PO3 Identify and solve the social, economical and cultural issues in Architectural Design.
PO4 Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to achieve Architectural Design solutions.
PO5 Recognize the ethical and professional responsibilities and the norms of Architectural practice.
PO6 Ability to research, review, comprehend and report technological developments happening in the field of Architecture.
PO7 Communicate effectively and work in interdisciplinary groups according to the project scale.
PO8 To guide the Building construction workforce in the right direction.
PO9 Ability to understand the real life situation in converting the On-paper design to On-site design of Architectural Practice.
PO10 To make the student design aesthetically pleasing, structurally viable buildings and encourage technological advancements in the building construction industry.
PSO1 Ability to enhance creative design skills in attaining design solutions in architecture.
PSO2 To understand the architectonic complexity and use appropriate techniques and technology in the given project.

Study an Architecture Degree

The KLEF School of Architecture (KLEFSA) academic focus and approach is a unique blend of design, creativity and objectivity with a social purpose.

The focus empowers students in architecture and design skills combine with social analysis and communication skills to contribute to the creation of a new professional identity.

Why study with us?

  • Students not only learn the skills required, but during the course of studies the students are exposed to thoughtprovoking and intellectually inspiring sessions, through studios, field trips and research projects, which brings out the creative best in them.
  • KLEFSA has interactive classes, highly qualified and skilled faculties, which makes the learning easy.

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Workshop On Architectural Rendering & Sketching

Workshop On Tessellations

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